Daniel Donato

From age 14, Donato has developed his brand of crisp, soulful, on-the-edge telecaster picking under bar lights, honing his skills and proving his mettle within the city’s prominent live music scene. All the while, a growing love of songwriting mirrored the pace of his ever-improving guitar chops.



Adara is best known for her collaborations with international DJs, her energetic live shows, and her futuristic inspired wardrobe. With lush soundscapes and big choruses, her music draws influence from artists like Lady Gaga, Sia, Ellie Goulding, and Coldplay.


Cadillac Muzik

Cadillac Muzik can easily be described as one of the brightest rays of independent Alternative Hip Hop/Soul/Funk/Pop from the sunny southern hemisphere of Texas and other meridional regions. Cadillac Muzik’s album “Lac Gospel” charted #12 on the Billboard Worldwide R&B Album Sales Chart, #56 on the Billboard Worldwide Hip Hop/R&B Chart, and #2 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart.



Cedars is more than just a band. It’s is a vision of community; a community dedicated to the idea that beauty will save the world. Blending industrial and organic textures, they draw together disparate elements to marry complex sonic landscapes with compelling stories. Gritty synths and wispy vocals; hard hitting beats and delicate textures are the tools Cedars uses to tell powerful, authentic stories to explore truth and beauty.


Ethereal in E

Adam has been the drummer at his current church (Family Life Center) for the past 8 years and dabbled in professional music gigs. Then, via YouTube videos, Adam discovered the magical nature of the Handpan, a tuned steel drum held in the lap and played with the hands. Though it was next to impossible to obtain one, as they are notoriously rare, Adam was serendipitously blessed to get one.


Matte Pink