What Can I Expect During The Event?

Of course you’ll have the basics: sensational artists, memorable performance, outstanding food trucks, vivacious drinks, and eccentric vendors. However, you’ll also enjoy the first of its kind ‘Elementz Zones’. At the center of the event is the stage, which represents the Heart. From the Heart, all the good vibes circulate throughout the festival. Surrounding this Heart will be four ‘Elementz Zones’. Each zone will capture the essence of one element: Water, Wind, Fire, and Earth. Within these zones, you’ll experience numerous hands-on activities and learning experiences that will inspire and entertain. We don’t want to reveal all the secrets just yet. You’ll need to come see for yourself.

Where And When Is the Event?

Elementz is scheduled for Spring 2020 from 12pm-10pm at The Sunken Garden amphitheater located in the heart of San Antonio, TX.