10 Beeswax-based surf waxes for your stick!

Beeswax-based surf waxes are a fun way to support a beekeeper, and keep your board surf ready all-in-one!

These purchases include oodles of hugs and good love for caring for one of Earth's most helpful creatures. 


And to think, all while working on your tan to boot!

Honeybear surfboard wax
Goods from surfer and beekeeper Christ Hurst, of Honeybear surf. Sustainable surf wax made from beeswax.
YEW! Stoked
Surf wax made from beeswax... buzzing!!! Fight colony collapse, help save the planet, and surf like a pro!
Matunas, home of the world's first 100% natural organic surf wax, and other sustainable products. 
Bee Swell surf wax
Grip-Bee is their extra grippy wake and river surfing wax. A cold water wax that packs a punch. Switch to eco-friendly wax.
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Sugar Daddies honey company
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Hive & Body beeswax surf wax at Heritage Goods & Supply
Famous surf wax formula is ocean safe and reef safe. Hive & Body
Kühl Wax
Made with beeswax and plant materials, Kühl Wax is sold as a waterproofing stick for your clothes, but we're sure it'll add a  little grip to your stick. 
Viscid surf wax.
Hand poured, local to sunny Johns Island, South Carolina.
Stingy Ring
The wax is chemical and plastic free. They also have a sister company at www.waxhivewraps.com for more bee products.
Cannabax surf wax
Two brothers + two main ingredients, hemp & beeswax. Brothers with passions for surfing and chemistry respectably, join together to make a natural 'stick' while ensuring respect for our oceans.
The author's first attempt at honey harvesting.
Elementz Live logo spotify
Elementz Live podcast
Elementz SA is a San Antonio based nonprofit with a mission of helping others to live sustainably. The idea for beeswax surf wax came up as we began to harvest our backyard beehive. We first ordered a sample to see how the consistency compared to regular surf wax. At home in Texas, we promote sustainability and sustainable movers and shakers. To hear our podcast lookup Elementz Live on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.