Local mattress recycler makes up-cycled dog beds.

Local mattress recycler, Re-mat Recycle, up-cycles discarded mattresses into memory foam dog beds.

San Antonio local mattress recycler makes upcycled dog beds.

Local mattress recycler Chris Moken has just come up with a wonderful new bunk for that best good boy or girl in your home.

Re-Mat is a local San Antonio nonprofit mattress recycling firm best known for their efforts to rid the streets of unsightly discarded mattresses. Re-Mat is also known for helping to keep those same mattresses from over-stuffing our landfills.

This Saturday starting at eleven a.m., Chris and other local ethical vendors will be selling items through the Good Market Christmas in July, a virtual pop-up.

Fair trade textiles, leather goods, dog treats, handmade toffees, chocolates, purses and more will all be available, in addition to the dog beds.

A great opportunity to tune-in, meet and support some local makers San Antonio.

The virtual pop-up event is hosted by the Ethical Network of San Antonio.

A wonderful event if you are looking for a place to interact with local doers, who are practicing things like slow fashion, fair trade, and ethical business here in SA.

If you recognize Chris from the mattress deconstruction video above, you’ll know he’s part of the team here at Elementz SA.

It’s so great to see Chris and all of the other vendors contributing to a circular economy, and other fair practices.

Each time you shop and support artisans at a local market place like this, you are truly voting with your dollars for the world you’d like to see.

We love Chris, and we hope you’ll support his mission to recycle mattresses too! Your pet will thank you later.