What is an Earth Element Day?

Scott Campbell aka DaddyDvill of Cadillac Muzik, putting in the grind at Gardopia Gardens for the 1st of 4 Earth Element days.

Elementz SA is a community organization with a flagship sustainable music and arts festival.

When attending an Elementz SA event you are surrounded with fellow Earth lovers. Meetups focus on sustainability related projects. Lots of hands-on learning opportunity.  

With this ethos,  an Earth Element Day is  a way for you to give-back.

A safe place to come together and commune with your neighbors over a shared goal of improving the community we live in.

With a day of service based on each of the elements; Earth, Water, Fire, and Air – there are plenty of opportunities for you to participate.

To find out more, simply follow along on our journey through this blog, or head on over to @Elementz_SATX on Instagram to see posts about how, when, and where you may get involved.

Earth Element Day is for everyone. Earth Element days are for you! Together, a small group of individuals can make a huge difference. What a great opportunity to be able to meet-up with other locals that believe in the power of living with purpose.

Please mingle with us at our next Earth Element Day, and also Saturday November 2nd, for Elementz music and arts festival.

Together we will make a difference.

Together we will radically improve the places, spaces, and landscape that make up San Antonio.


click here to visit the Elementz Live podcast page. Join our fb group to find Earth Element Day meetup information and times. 


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Brandon Vondera, is an event professional and creative director with Pineapple House Platforms. His interest in sustainability led him to want to host a Party with a Purpose. After meeting with Chris of Re-Mat Recycle, the two decided to join forces to bring you Elementz Fest.