Elementz Fest 2020 Sustainable Music & Arts Festival has been Covid-19 Delayed until further notice...



    Please join us in #taking19fortheplanet this July 19th @ 19:19 PM CST

    It's quite alright to pause, to slow-down, and to reflect.

    Sometimes a nice walk outside is the perfect setting for this. In this time of pandemic, and renewed look at personal and public health- we invite you to join us on a walking meditation for people and planet.

    Join us in #taking19fortheplanet on Sunday July 19th, 2020 at 19:19 PM, for a nineteen-minute walking litter pick-up and meditation.

    We will go live on our Elementz SA fb page for the duration of the mediation, and we encourage you to tune-in to our fb Watch Party, and/or to go-live yourself and share in the moment by adding hashtag #taking19fortheplanet and #ElementzSA.

    As we gently walk-upon the Earth we will be sharing intentions of love and compassion for the planet, and all of the people of the planet.

    We invite you to thin of peace or anything that suits your for this shared walking meditation.

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